How do I know which division to enter?

June 13th, 2013

Here is how the breakdown of the beginner and advanced divisions will work.  Please keep in mind that all of the racers per heat, and racers moving on are approximate, and will depend on the number of males and females who register.  The final exact numbers will be posted before race day.

All participants start together, beginner or advanced.  We will have 10 rounds of 15 racers, with the top 7 moving on into the advanced division.
Round 2 will consist of 5 heats from the racers who did not qualify in round 1.  This is the last chance to move into the advanced division. Perhaps you tripped on a root and fell behind in heat 1, so this is how you can get back in.  You have to earn your spot in the advanced division.  The top 3 from these heats move back into the advanced division.
Rounds 3-5 are now split, and we will run beginner heats before the advanced, working our way towards a final heat for both divisions, and determining champions for each.


All that’s left now is to register, and TRAIN, TRAIL, REPEAT

You should run TrailCross because...

March 2nd, 2013

…you like to try new things.  Sure you may have run hills or intervals, but you’ve never run a race like this before, literally this is the first TrailCross event.

…you will have bragging rights.  TrailCross is attracting all types of runners and competitive athletes.  Come see how your training stacks up with the rest of them.

…you enjoy a challenge.  It’s not a walk in the park.  This is not designed to be a recovery run, or a scenic route through the trails.  Yes it will be hard but it will be worth it.

…you like free stuff.  Well our sponsors are hooking you up.  Our title sponsor Fast Trax will be there all day and have some amazing prizes including shoes, jackets, shirts and so much more.  Plus we have tons of giveaways for each racer just for signing up, courtesy of the rest of our sponsors.   

…you have a dangerous side.  This is the only time you can chase someone through the woods and not worry about getting arrested. 

…you want to do more charity work.  We are supporting an awesome charity.  The Humane Animal Rescue Team rescues stray, abandoned and unwanted dogs and helps place them in permanent homes.  You want to help Fido find a home don’t you?

Don't wait, registration price increases March 15, so register now


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