How does the race actually work.

We have a description of the entire race format right here. That should answer all of your questions.

Can I register on the day of the event?

No. Since our race is divided into heats instead of a mass start, we need you to register before to ensure heats are structred accordingly.  This will help us run a smooth event and eliminate delays the morning of the race.

Will there be age divisions?

No. Due to the unique structure of the race, we cannot accommodate various age divisions. For the time being races are divided into Male and Female divisions divided further by advanced and beginner designations.

Can I wear an iPod or MP3 player?

Yes if you would like. However we will have music playing at the hill. As well, you may be at a disadvantage as you may not be able to hear a racer from behind. This race is determined based on finishing position and not time so decide for yourself.

Will water stations be available?

Not on the course. The courses will run between 1-2 km so make sure you are hydrated before your heat. There will be water available at the base of the hill however we still recommend bringing your own. 

Will there be first aid available?

Yes, each of our races will have proper first aid available on site.  Many races will also have recovery areas or sponsors, which may include Chiro, RMT or something similar.  If you wish to take advantage of these don't hesitate to ask. 

Will there be washroom facilities on-site?

Yes washrooms will be available. Portable washrooms will be available where necessary.

Sounds great, but there is not a race in my area.

We are looking to bring TrailCross across the country.  If you are a race director who would like more information about hosting a TrailCross race in your area, please email sean@trailcross.ca.  If you would simply like to run a race closer to home, email us as well and we can work on getting one in your area.


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