The Next Evolution in Running

Your friends have told you about it. You like to run fast, and you want to see which one of you is faster.  But what is this race really about? It's pretty simple.  The race is divided into heats, keep placing in the top half of your heat and you move on.  That's it really, but head over to our About page and read the full details.  

6 week plan

Whether you are aiming to win or looking to get fit 6 weeks to TrailCross will get you headed towards your goal. Train...Trail...Repeat

About TrailCross

Want to know more about our great new format? Find out more about what separates TrailCross and why you want to be a part of the evolution.


Trail Tips

Hill Repeats

Whether you are training for a marathon or the 100m dash. Your training regimen should always consist of some hill repeats.


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